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Tameshichiro Miura the 1st,master of Esashi Oiwake Michiya Mihashi,loved pupil of Tameshichiro Miura the 1st Tameshichiro Miura the 2nd,the head family of the Miura school of Esashi Oiwake Toyotaro Koji-First master of Shakuhachi of Esashi Oiwake
Introduction of CD
  Esashi Oiwake/Requiem
Esashi Oiwake is a well-known Japanese Minyo and a song of farewell. Michiyasu Mihashi, a famous Tsugaru Shamisen player sings the song and Shuichi Maruyama plays shakuhachi with the song and solo.

Made in January,2013 \1,000

  Fluctuating with the sound of Bamboo Flute
As a music therapist, Shuichi Maruyama focused to the characteristics which the sound of Bamboo Flute has. Namely it is high frequency and overtones. This CD became the Best Healing music CD which pursued the fluctuation.

Made in December,2009 \2,000

  Traditional Japanese Music for Relaxation
Wasabi,a group of three musicians,(Tamashichiro Miura the 2nd:song /:Michiyasu Mihashi:Tsugaru shamisen / Tamenobu Miura:shakuhachi)presents the beautiful melodies of minyo,traditional Japanese music. The soulful sounds of the shakuhachi, a bamboo flute, the moving sounds of the Tugaru shamisen,a stringed instrument, come together with well-known minyo songs to touch us deeply. Wasabi hopes you enjoy the rhythms and sound of the group which was organized in Los Angeles in December 2003.
This CD has translation in English about Minyo and instruments. Organization and English translation was done by Shuichi Maruyama (Tamenobu Miura).

Made in May,2004 \1,500

  Shakuhachi Minyo- The soul of Japan
1st CD made by Shuichi Maruyama(Tamenobu Miura). Beautiful and famous songs from Hokkaido to Kyushu were recorded on this CD. This music is used for relaxation music at massage centers in Japan. Organization and English translation were done by Shuichi Maruyama
Made in December, 2002 \1,500

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